Worried about securing a job while studying abroad? We have got your back!

Did you know that finding a source of income while studying abroad can be extremely rewarding? Working part-time while studying abroad is a unique opportunity for students who care to make some money while gaining some valuable international experiences. That little bit of extra cash goes a long way to fund your tuition fees and living expenses without burdening your parents. But do you know how to build your resume to secure a job in the popular countries of the world?

Troy Finder helps you search for part-time jobs or internships in India that further help you earn better job opportunities while studying abroad. The ideal time to do this is when you’ve already done your IELTS and are waiting for your visa. Just drop your resumes at info@troyfinder.com to get connected to the top companies in India to futureproof your success globally.

Troy makes your dream job a reality!

Have you done your IELTS? Are you waiting for your visa? Utilize this time to gain meaningful experiences in India that will ease your process of landing a job while studying abroad!
Troy connects all its applicants to potential employers in India to help them bag a lucrative job or internship for a stellar resume. Such opportunities, in the long run, improve the morale and confidence of the candidates for international success.

Steps to Global Success with Troy

Step 1

Get a meaningful job experience in India

Step 2

Earn references for international job postings

Step 3

Secure a job easily while studying abroad

Step 4

Pay your tuition fee & afford your living expenses on your own

Acquire the skills. Follow your passion. Become the leader.

All this without financially burdening your parents.

Create your pathway to PERMANENT RESIDENCY

Want to settle in Canada, Australia or New Zealand?

In the process of earning references and gaining valuable job experiences, you are also creating your pathway for Permanent Residency in the country of your dreams! All it takes is a few relevant experiences, skills and good networking to apply for Permanent residency abroad.

The TROY Benefits to secure a Job Abroad:

 – Networking opportunities
–  Earn your tuition fees & living expenses yourself
–  Gain meaningful experiences to fetch a job abroad
–  Connecting candidates with the right jobs
–  Ease the process of fetching a job abroad
–  Inculcate the skills required to work abroad
–  Opportunity to work with the best in the industry
–  Better job prospects while studying abroad

Still worried about securing a job abroad?
Just do your IELTS and send us your resumes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Troy has many interesting opportunities listed for students willing to study abroad. Such opportunities when availed in India help build a stellar resume that, in future, helps yield better jobs while studying in Canada or Australia.

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All you need to do is just send in your resume and our master recruiters will find and seal in the best job/internship opportunities for you.

Troy Finder has jobs listed from all types of organizations. Rest assured, we will help you land the job of your dreams.

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    Troy Finder Consultancy has a solid track record of connecting the top employers with the right candidates. We have a comprehensive human resource solution that includes human resource consultancy, domestic placements and overseas placements.

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