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Finding and hiring the right candidate can be hard, but not anymore! We are a human resource staffing agency offering ethical, result-oriented and sincerest recruitment services to employers around the world. Our recruitment coordinators use a fresh approach to help you gain the leading edge with superior staff by securing the right fits for your organization.

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Our Team

We are a group of dedicated professionals with a good reputation in the placement industry. Our team has an excellent track record of executing utmost professionalism and availability to cater to the demand, supply and queries of employers and employees. We cater to every industry including finance, engineering, BPO, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and technology.

Find your best team with our team.

Simply put, we are a highly collaborative team of experienced recruiters who are always on the lookout for creative, qualified and responsive candidates. Our hiring managers use their extensive experience and skill sets to hire for concerned organizations.

Our aim aligning with your objectives:

Need Analysis

We engage, understand and analyse the organization’s need assessment theory to assist them in coming up with an efficient human resource strategy. We help you identify talent shortfalls, skill gaps and development needs hindering the process of achieving your business goals.

Talent Identification & Opportunity Provision

Aligning the best candidates with the opportunities available is our main job. We specialise in identifying talent from the labour market, conducting preliminary screening and evaluating them against the organization’s needs. Our team holds a good reputation for filling in vacancies with only the best candidates.

Benefits of the ‘Troy Partnership’

Access to a bunch of active job seekers

Troy helps you remain competitive in the tight labor market by wooing and successfully luring passive job seekers from the database. We use our advanced search functionality to refine our search based on important criteria to find high-quality passive candidates.

Unique approach to recruitment

Our modern recruitment strategies come with the wealth of knowledge and experience of our employees. We are dedicated to defining the path of cultural diversity and inclusivity by diving into relevant emerging trends and criteria curated by our master employees.

Executive search with global sourcing

Our competent professionals build a framework to attract and retain talent in the longer run. Our strategies involve implicit and explicit usage of succession planning and talent management to expedite the hiring process & help your company contend for the right candidate.

Execute market intelligence

We make informed decisions to choose the right fits for you with our comprehensive market data and a strong network. We create demographics and relevant data for all our clients with the help of our networks, connections and referrals.

The Troy Edge

  • – Access to full-time experienced recruiters
  • – Guaranteed closure in less than 3 weeks
  • – Reduced turnaround with quality candidates only
  • – Tailor-made solutions for maximum support
  • – Client & candidate satisfaction
  • – Higher acceptance rate of offers

Our Excellent Services

Selection & Recruitment:

Selecting and recruiting the right candidate is a complex cycle that is responsible for the development and reputation of a company. An off-base recruit might fail to accomplish designated objectives, thereby turning useless for the association. We invest in understanding the candidate as well as the organization for better matchmaking and enhanced retention.

Diversity & Inclusion:

We successfully fulfil the D&I objectives of our partners by understanding their manpower requirements on cultural, technical, diversity and urgency parameters to improve productivity and channelise the same in the right direction. We offer the required talent for various functions and levels after mining our indigenous data pool of diverse candidates.

Payroll & Compliance:

Our executive services include managing payroll and compliance with candidates – including scrutinizing monthly payrolls, MIS support, deductions and preparation & issuance of salary slips, etc. Our careful comprehension of employer and employee prerequisites helps us better apprehend sustainability, aspirations and expectations. Eventually, it is only after our satisfaction and matchmaking of the candidate’s interests with your requirements, we introduce the candidate to you.

Positions we hire for:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • – Brand Manager
  • – Digital Marketing
  • – Business Development Manager
  • – Tele Sales
  • – Pre Sales
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • – Logistics Manager
  • – Inventory Manager
  • – Process Lead
  • – Warehouse In-Charge
  • Information Technology
  • – Data Analysis/ Big Data
  • – React/Angular/Node JS
  • – PHP/Laravel/Python
  • – Android/IOS App Dev.
  • – Storage /Backup
  • – Infrastructure
  • Finance/Accounting
  • – GST
  • – TDS
  • – Busy Bee/Tally
  • – PF/ESI
  • – Excel/Book Keeping

The Troy Difference 
We introduce selected candidates to our clients only after 100% matchmaking of their interests and aspirations to the requirements of our clients.Don’t worry, your information is safe with us!
Conclusion: Our hiring expertise and the in-house recruiting team help us anticipate, navigate and overcome any possible staffing issues that have arisen or may arise in the near future. We fill in your vacancies with viable candidates whose interests match your company’s objectives.So if you are on the lookout for qualified professionals to join your organization, we are happy to assist you with the right candidates. Give us a call @ +91- 98 72 98 00 76 and we will start hiring for you.



Troy Finder Consultancy has a solid track record of connecting the top employers with the right candidates. We have a comprehensive human resource solution that includes human resource consultancy, domestic placements and overseas placements.

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 +91- 98 72 98 00 76

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